Trattoria La Bitta in Giarre

Trattoria La Bitta is located in Giarre on the foot of Etna, 30 kilometers north of Catania. More specifically on Via del Corso, which runs from Giarre to the harbor of Riposto – just a few hundred from the fish market. With that location it’s natural to do seafood – which they do very well at La Bitta.

We were welcomed by the friendly owner. He speaks only Italian but if you know the food basics, you’ll manage and he was patient with us.

The restaurant was only founded in 2016, and it’s classic but with a fresh take on food and interior without being flashy (as you’ll encounter quite often at other newer restaurants in Italy). You’re seated in an arched, light room with maybe 6 meters to the ceilings. Just a few simple decorations, like a lobster creel hanging from the ceiling.

Great Fish and Seafood at La Bitta

There’s no menu – just the specials of the day, explained at the table. If you want something special – ask if they can make it.

We ordered antipasti of crudo (various raw fish and seafood), linguine al scoglio and a mix of grilled seafood and fish – all to share.

Fresh and good bread arrived at the table.

raw Seafood at La Bitta im Giarre Sicily
Crudo at La Bitta

The kitchen seemed to be a bit under pressure as everyone had a bit of wait for their food. When the crudo (raw) arrived we were happy! Oysters, raw red shrimps, tuna, salmon and swordfish. Lemon, olive oil and a bit of rose pepper. Salmon came with oil of sesame. The serving was generous, and the fish was fresh and delicious. Oysters were big and extremely good with just a bit of lemon – yum.

Linguine al Scoglio was up next. Again a generous portion, we were satisfied with sharing. It came with vongole, mussels and prawns. Better acidity from the wine than the one we had at Da Pino in Marsala, but lacked a bit to match the one we’ve had at Scala in Portopalo. Very good dish with perfectly al dente linguine!

Last dish was a mix of grilled Calamari, giant prawn, and tuna. Served simply with olive oil and a great, sweet lemon. Everything was cooked well, and you could taste the char from the grill just slightly. Simple, fresh and good.

We skipped wine, but had coffee and Amaro (on the house) and left feeling like coming back the next day!

Trattoria – Gastronomia La Bitta Corso Italia, 294, 95014 Giarre CT, Italy +39 095 884 7616

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