Our rooftop terrace at Salina

Great Local Accommodation In Sicily

On our travels, we like to find quiet and local places to stay. I thought I would share some of my research tips on how to find these places.

Rooftop terrace Salina, Sicily
Our rooftop terrace at Salina

Check several accommodation platforms

I often go through both Booking.com and Airbnb, and pick out a couple of places, before I go through each one in detail. On Booking.com make sure to search for private accommodation, apartments, houses or villas.

In Italy and Sicily, there are also many Agriturismos, which is a bed & breakfast/pension accommodation, that often have lunch and dinner included in the nightly price. Because we (Matias) likes to cook, we prefer to rent our own place with a kitchen.

Sunrise in Malfa, Saline towards Stromboli
Sunrise from our bedroom, at The Aeolian Island Salina, north of Sicily.

Depending on the place, area and season, I book a place about a month ahead of our arrival. This is mostly to make sure to get that nice place we want. I have tried to get better prices on bookings, both on Airbnb and Booking.com, just a day or two before we were checking in.

Use alternative ways to find accommodation

Independent local places that are not listed on Airbnb are our favourite choice. To discover the local places especially in Sicily, I have been searching on google maps, in the areas we want to stay around. By zooming in on the roads, you can locate places that sometimes just are shown with a name on the map.  If you google it, maybe it will be a great house for rent by a local owner. We thus skip the main travel industry’ fees and support the locals directly, which means they can keep the good price they offer.

Ocean view from the window
Morning view

Rent through the locals

The real local rental places, are not on Airbnb. The places are mostly rented out to locals or Italians. The owners only speak and write Italian, but again: Google is my friend, and the owners, we have met, are delighted and excited to have foreign tourists. I promise that you will be welcomed with the warm Sicilian hospitality and furthermore the locals will have tips on where to find the authentic restaurant with the best food.

Kid and dad at the pool
Pool time in Castelluccio

Another possibility for finding that good, and local family owned place, is to look on TripAdvisor. I  search for our destination, for example, Malfa in Sicily, then accommodation and choose the category: other accommodation. This will not be possible if you are going to the main cities. But if you are going to a smaller village, you will be able to find local places listed where you can contact the place directly through TripAdvisor messages. I found an amazing rental with a rooftop terrace in the Aeolian Island Salina, this way.

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