Da Gino restaurant Rome

Da Gino al Parlamento in Rome

To get a taste of the classic Roman cuisine we headed toย Da Gino al Parlamento.

We arrived a little early to the restaurant, so we first had a quick gelato at Grom, which is actually a chain of gelato places. That does not impact negatively on the taste. The walnut and chocolate ice cream were really, really good. Definitely one of the better gelato places we’ve been – and we tried a lot!

Da Gino is tucked away in a small alley, just close to the parliament building. They offer simple, honest and great Roman cooking.

We were welcomed to the restaurant by the crew of older male waiters, all with a smile and a swift service. English was not a problem, and they happily tucked away our stroller and found a kids chair for Sixten. Kids all good!

We had the spaghetti cacio e pepe (pepper and cheese) and while the pasta was perfect, the dish was too salty for our taste. The secondi (second courses) were really good though. Oxtail with pine nuts and celery was super tender in a tasty tomato-based sauce. Rabbit in white wine was similarly tender and well tasting.

The best dish was puntarelle with anchovy sauce – another Roman classic. Crispy greens with a delicious salty and sour sauce.

If you want to try true Roman food in a great setting, Da Gino is a good option. Book in advance by calling, it’s usually fully booked every night.

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